Loans for Furniture

Need a new couch, a new dining table, a new bed, or something else entirely? Then we have a loan for you. With us you find loans for furniture , and you decide for yourself how much you would like to borrow.

Because it can be quite expensive to design an apartment from new, and it can be expensive even if you just need a few pieces of furniture.

If you need to move or you are missing out on new furniture, this post is just for you. Here you can read much more about how much it costs to decorate an apartment from scratch, how your interior reflects your personality and how an ongoing credit can help.

It costs so much to furnish an apartment

It costs so much to furnish an apartment

If you would like to know how much you have to pay for all your new furniture, then you can start from the list below and set an approximate price for each piece of furniture.

Here are the most common furniture in an apartment:

  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Dining table
  • Dining Chairs
  • Couch
  • Coffee table
  • Create


This is just a list of the essential furniture. The prices of each of these furniture varies wildly, of course, as it is possible to find a used sofa, which is virtually free, but it is also possible to buy a new designer sofa for DKK 30,000.

But if you start from this list, you can with great advantage search the web a little and find out how much the total amount goes up before you apply for a loan or a current credit here with us.


Your decor is an expression of your personality

Your decor is an expression of your personality

Decor is not simply placing a few furniture around. Decor is to make an apartment a home, and it is to create a good atmosphere and expression that reflects your personality.

Interior design can bring life to an apartment, and efficient décor can make even the smallest apartment seem plentiful.
So before you save too much money on the decor, you may want to consider what signal your apartment should send.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying cheap furniture if you spend a little time finding just the ones that are perfect for you and your apartment.


A current credit can remove your worries

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Are you worried about the prices of the furniture you would like? A box office credit can help eliminate these concerns, and it can help create some budget air so you don’t have to sleep on an air mattress until you can afford a new bed.

We want you to get some cool furniture that you can love for many years, which is why we want to help you with a quick loan or current credit today.


Adaptation Credits

There are more than half a million beds in private accommodation in Croatia. The number of apartments in just a few years has increased by 25 percent and is constantly increasing. This fact is not surprising at all, since a good part of the economy of our Beautiful is based on tourism. This means that a lot of money is being invested in apartments and holiday homes. Renters to retain their guests need to invest regularly in their accommodation, otherwise they may be overtaken by those who try harder. The financial market follows these developments and offers adaptation credits.

What are Adaptation Credits?

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Adaptation loans are intended for the interior decoration or reconstruction of the property. Most banks are on offer, and they include credit houses in their product range. Loans for renovation belong to the type of home loans and in addition to renovating the home, they also relate to the completion of the housing facility and improving the energy efficiency of the property itself, which is extremely important when selling an apartment or house.

Given that they are included in a portion of housing loans, they are characterized by a longer repayment period and a larger amount, which are most often repaid in monthly annuities. As it is primarily about larger figures, banks pay special attention to the creditworthiness of a customer. Creditworthiness implies that the unencumbered portion of the applicant’s salary is at least two-thirds of the average salary. In addition, most banks require a client to be employed on a permanent basis. This reduces the number of people who can apply for adaptation loans at all. Most Croats are employed on a part-time basis and are dismissed by banks as potential clients because they pose too much risk.

Adaptation Credit Insurance Instruments

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Renovations and property renovations often exceed the price of the property itself, so that banks need collateral to secure their debts from clients. The most common of these are promissory notes, mortgages, insurance policies, deposits and guarantors. That way, banks can collect their claims if the customer stops paying their debts.

With some banks, certain insurance instruments can even reduce the amount of interest rates and mandatory fees on adaptation loans.

Using a guarantor when raising an adaptation loan can increase a customer’s credit and increase their ability to obtain credit. Guarantor receipts are added to the client’s receipts, so creditworthiness is determined on both receipts.

Adaptation loans on loan houses

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In addition to banks and banking institutions, credit institutions also have adaptation loans in their product portfolio. Unlike banks, they do not rely on the creditworthiness of clients when granting a loan, but make sure that the client regularly settles his debts and has a proper income. It is important that the client has a good financial picture regardless of the type of employment. This is most appreciated by the part-time employees who have been rejected by the banking institutions because they create too much risk.

The best choice are credit institutions licensed by the Croatian National Bank because they operate legitimately and always leave a written mark. They always sign a loan agreement that prevents any doubts when paying back their debts. Loan companies that hunt in turbid, pay money on their hands and do not sign contracts. You should be very careful with this, no matter how urgently you need the money.