Andra PR announces the 11th fintech series “Innovation in retail banking: what awaits us for 2022”

Manama, Bahrain – Andra Public Relations, a renowned Bahrain-based communications company specializing in FinTech, has announced its 11th FinTech Series powered by the Kuwait Finance House Bahrain (KFH Bahrain); one of the leading Islamic banks and an integral contributor to the development of Bahrain’s Islamic financial sector. The virtual series is called “Innovation in Retail Banking: What is in store for 2022” and will take place on Sunday December 5 at 12:30 pm via Zoom.

Andra PR, in partnership with KFH Bahrain, will host opinion leaders and experts from FinTech companies and financial institutions to shed light on retail banking innovation and what is expected for the sector in 2022.

In recent years, banking institutions have faced disruption head-on. We have seen financial institutions go beyond their traditional models by creating personalized digital journeys for customers, developing innovative mobile banking applications integrated with AI and machine learning, and various advancements in banking. detail as a whole. The session will highlight trends in retail banking and bring together expert insights on how banks can create compelling experiences for customers, refine their digital vision and benchmark their plans with their industry peers.

Panelists include Ahmed Yousuf; FinTech Project Manager at KFH Bahrain, Raheel Iqbal; Managing Partner at Codebase Technologies, and Maisa J Shunnar; Group Chief Digital Transformation Officer at BisB. The session will be moderated by Fatema Ebrahim, CEO of Andra Public Relations and member of the board of directors of the Bahrain Economic Development Board.

So far, the FinTech Series has hosted 10 successful events, featuring over 50 local and international speakers, as well as over 700 amazing attendees in partnership with renowned companies, startups and financial institutions from across the world. FinTech space in Bahrain and the MENA region such as The BENEFIT Company, Bahrain FinTech Bay, Tamkeen, The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, Aion Digital, RSquare, Microsoft, Innervate Technology Solutions UK, Al Baraka Banking Group, etc. The recent 10th edition, titled “Green FinTech and Sustainable Finance: Fueling Another Revolution in the Financial World”, was held in October this year.

The 11th virtual edition is free and open to everyone. The highlights and insights of the event will be shared on all of Andra PR’s social networks and platforms.


About Andra Public Relations

Andra PR is a Bahrain-based PR and corporate communications boutique company with a primary focus on FinTech, educational technology, startups, and other specialist government sectors. Our approach starts with creating a connection and starting a journey with your brand so that it becomes a catalyst for change. We go beyond the norm and understand that every vision needs visionaries who sincerely believe in what your idea can do.

Andra Public Relations started her journey in 2018 and has achieved several key milestones. We have worked with over 20 clients, organized over 10 key events and developed over 3 key partnerships regionally and globally.


About KFH Bahrain

Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain is a leading provider of Islamic commercial and investment banking services. Founded in January 2002 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House-Kuwait, an industry leader for over 30 years and specializing in conceptualizing the development and introduction of innovative and compliant banking and investment products Sharia Law, all of which are taught by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are empowered to think innovatively and act strategically.

KFH-Bahrain is pioneering the introduction of compelling financial solutions in a fast growing and high demand Islamic banking industry. Our mission is to take Islamic banking and finance to new heights through an unwavering focus on innovation and the desire to deliver excellence in everything we do, including the development and offering of a wide and integrated range of products and services which are in perfect harmony with the principles of “Sharia”.


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