Banco de la Nación del Perú lives with the central banking system of Temenos

Banco de la Nación del Perú is online with a new core banking system, powered by Temenos.

Banco de la Nación del Perú lives with the Temenos central banking system, promoting financial inclusion in Peru

The cloud-based Temenos Transact platform supports Cuentas DNI, the bank’s new digital account. Two million accounts have been opened so far, with plans to reach 24 million, according to the bank.

“This is the start of Banco de la Nación’s modernization towards digital banking,” comments Liliana Casafranca, Cuentas DNI Account Manager at Banco de la Nación del Perú.

The new accounts were created with the identification number (DNI) of each citizen, as part of the Yanapay individual economic support program to provide government relief funds in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Peruvian citizen, aged 18 and over, with a DNI is automatically assigned a Cuentas DNI, promoting financial inclusion.

Of the two million people who received a Cuentas DNI, more than 1.8 million previously did not have a bank account. It is estimated that only 52% of adults in the country have a bank account.

The bank has about 570 branches, 60% of which are located in remote areas of the country.

Banco de la Nación del Perú and Temenos are not new to each other. In 2014, the bank signed up for the vendor’s Temenos CoreBanking (TCB) offering, a high-end retail banking system sold by Temenos at the time.

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