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To this site we often get questions about whether you can borrow money if you have debts with Jenderastars Loan or not. Unfortunately, this is something that is often difficult to get, as most lenders usually do not lend money to people who have debts with Jenderastars Loan. This often applies even to those lenders who otherwise offer loans to people who have payment complaints.

The reasons the lenders have for not approving these applications are rather uninteresting, but it is sufficient to state that this is the case.

Is it possible to borrow then?

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Yes it can actually be possible to borrow money iaf. Though it requires other things that can make lenders secure. Of the banks that we have included in our comparisons here on the site, it is only Marginalen Bank who assume that they lend money to people who have active debts with Jenderastars Loan.

What you should remember then is that you as a borrower are required that you either have a home as collateral, someone who can enter as a creditor for the loan or that another person agrees to use their home as the mortgage for the loan.

Use the money well

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One last thing to keep in mind for those of you who can borrow despite the debts of Jenderastars Loan is to use this money well. Then use them to get rid of expensive debts. Foremost of all must be to be debt free.

Now just because Bank2 says they approve this type of borrower, there is nothing that says they have to be alone about this. It’s just that you have to make direct contact with other banks in order to be approved if possible.

However, expect that the risk is very high to be denied even if you have a well thought out plan for how the money will be repaid. And a well thought out plan with a creditor or other security you must coldly expect to have if there is any chance.

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