Dividends declared by commercial banks listed in NEPSE

KATMANDU: The commercial banks listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) have announced that they will pay dividends to investors on the profits of the previous fiscal year.

Of the total of the country’s 27 commercial banks, 26 listed in NEPSE declared a dividend, including in cash and free shares, on the distributable profit for the financial year 2077/78. Some of the declared dividends were decided by the banks after a general meeting was held and some of them are preparing for the general meeting to make the announcement.

According to figures released to date, Nabil Bank is expected to distribute the highest dividend comprising 33.6% free shares and 4.4% cash dividend.

Likewise, Civil Bank will pay a dividend of 5.26% based on last year’s distributable profit. The bank said of the declared dividend, five percent will be free shares and 0.26 percent will be cash.

The Himalayan Bank will award 21.38% free shares and 4.62% cash dividends to its investors.

The Agricultural Development Bank decided to distribute 21.0526 percent dividend with 20 percent bonus and 1.56 percent in cash.

Sanima Bank announced 17% bonus and 0.8947% cash; Nepal Bank will give 14 percent bonus and 3 percent in cash, and Prime Commercial Bank will give 16 percent bonus and 0.6313 percent in cash.

Likewise, Nepal Investment Bank said it will distribute 16 percent dividends with 12.611% bonus and 3.389% in cash and Citizens Bank will distribute 16 percent dividend with 12.913 bonus and 3.87 percent in cash.

NMB Bank has offered its shareholders 12.5% ​​free shares and 3.3% cash dividends, NIC Asia Bank will offer 15% bonus and 0.7895% cash, Nepal Bangladesh Bank proves 12% free shares and 3% cash.

Siddhartha Bank will offer 14.25% free shares and 0.75% cash, Machhapuchche Bank 14% with 13.3% bonus and 0.7% cash, Bank of Kathmandu 14% with 10% bonus and 4% cash.

Global IME Bank announced a 13.5% dividend with 10% bonus and 3.5% cash while Standard Chartered Bank announced a 13.6% dividend with 10% bonus and 3.6% cash .

Prabhu Bank, Mega Bank, Laxmi Bank, Everest Bank, Kumari Bank, Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank (NCC), Sunrise Bank and Century Bank, Nepal SBI Bank also announced dividend shares and cash bonuses.

On the declared dividend, the money is deposited directly into the bank account while the free shares will be registered in the demat account provided by the investor.

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