exciting times for Australian retail banking

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Future goal

Regarding her immediate priorities, Carnegie said she plans to spend a lot of time listening to her team to understand what their goals are. However, she says she intends to split her attention between business and organizational priorities.

“The business priorities… are going to be very consistent with the priorities the team already has,” she explains. “To increase our competitiveness in home lending and boost our revenues, to launch the first ANZ Plus proposition – and to ensure that it not only lands well, but that we can see it improving financial well-being of our clients – to expedite the ANZ Plus Home Loan Position and to ensure that our resources are properly allocated across teams.

Carnegie says she wants to spend more time on organizational priorities such as making sure the team remains successful through the transition.

“When we bring the teams together, how do we make sure that things like our decision-making are expedited? That we have really good communication and relationships within the newly formed team…that [the transition] brings more energy and even more motivation to the teams themselves.

She also points to the focus on customers as a key challenge for the team, as well as balancing resources between short and long-term goals.

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