Henry Personal Loan, safe harbor for investors

Investors are going through a period of great uncertainty without knowing very well where and when to invest. Investment alternatives are very limited due to the high volatility of stock markets or due to the low profitability of fixed income products or bank deposits.

Equities accumulate losses of 23% in the interannual variation and 15% since the beginning of the year. In just a month and a half, the Ibex 35 has lost 15% of its value.

Fixed income is at a minimum

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These days we have seen how the Euribor (European type of interbank offer and reference index of mortgage rates) followed the path of the Treasury Bills and crosses the border to get negative. As an investor they charge you for having your money with them. To put it in an example, you invest € 1,000 today and within a year they give you € 995 back.

Bank deposits are not saved as a refuge for investors, if you achieve 0.20% or 0.30% you will be lucky and possibly be conditioned to new clients or to domicile some type of receipts or payroll.

Products such as Investment Funds do not escape this situation by investing directly in the assets described above, with the aggravation of charging management and deposit fees. Apart from offering positive or negative profitability to their customers, they always charge their commissions. In this environment, investors face the difficult decision of what to do with their money, where do I invest it?

Henry Personal Loan is positioned as an alternative investment

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Oblivious to market turbulence, with attractive returns and hedging systems against the risk of default. This is the proposal of companies like Mrs. Grundy, where every day we receive more requests for investments to finance our borrowers.

The Mrs. Grundy model consists in making a very thorough analysis of borrowers who request financing, in order to only show the most solvent borrowers to our investors. With the intention of mitigating the risk, Mrs. Grundy has an Own Coverage System that consists of allocating a small amount of all the installments to a fund and in case of a default, this fund replenishes the principal of the unpaid installment. The model mutualizes risk among all investors.

In this way, Henry Personal Loan has become a safe port where

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Every day, more investors see a real alternative to this investment model. On the other hand, the most solvent borrowers are finding a source of financing that is more just than the traditional one, where they do not pay so that the results of the traditional actors get fat every year, nor to cover the delinquency of other borrowers.

Nor are they They are forced to take out insurance or direct payroll. A fair, win-win model, in which everyone wins.


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