Letter from the reader: Shock the banking system by using cash for ‘gross’ items

In response to report of bank and ATM closures in Horsham district.

We need to conserve cash – and conserving cash is an integral part of USDAW’s industry strategy for retail.

The benefits of cash are numerous. What about those who don’t have cards? And with cash, there’s no chance of being embarrassed at checkouts. The busiest maps may encounter gremlins.

The most popular

A wad of twenty pound notes (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

I was once at a car event in Goodwood. The card machines came into overload with a predictable outcome. Hence a compelling case for punters to load wads of cash in the future. We must maintain banking facilities, including ATMs.

And customers have the opportunity to show real “human power” by using more cash, including more big-ticket items.

Recently in Edinburgh I paid a £500 hotel bill in cash. The system needs a bit of shock therapy to prevent the slow death of cash and banking facilities. More daily use of cash, including large items, is needed.

I note that Rishi Sunak mentioned liquidity and bank closures as a problem.

Now that I write as I am in professional retail, it is certainly not within my purview to declare a leadership preference to say that we need MPs and peers from all parties coming together to advocate in favor of money.

In light of the bank closures, it is certainly justified for the Post to step into the void.

The Fittleworth Post Office, with its shop and cafe, is a wonderful model for communities. Regardless of his bank, I have found that people do their banking through the post office. And in Fittleworth, you can as well have a coffee as buy some articles.

Finally to end where I started. We need government and councils to come together to support banking facilities.

However, we also need us bettors to use cash more often for everyday purchases and at the pump. And for large bills like hotel bills, new cars, and golf and leisure clubs, etc.

To avoid a slow death of money, the system needs a bit of shock therapy.

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