New post office opens to ease Hatfield bank crisis


10:47 a.m. November 2, 2021

Hatfield’s banking crisis is expected to ease after the new post office finally opens.

The permanent post office at 36 Town Center opened on Friday, with its now crucial banking services, with Lloyds shutting down next March, leaving the city with one bank.

Postmaster Manish Badiani was joined by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Head Tony Kingsbury and Mayor Peter Hebden at the opening, and he looks forward to welcoming customers.

“We are extremely happy to officially open our doors and welcome the Hatfield community,” said Manish.

There were a lot of smiles when the post office opened.
– Credit: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

“We are committed to providing the best service for postal services, digital photography, travel money, as well as our line of stationery, cards and gifts. We look forward to meeting you, the members of this vibrant community.

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Councilor Stephen Boulton, Executive Member of Environment, Planning, Estates and Development, was delighted to see the post office open as the project was part of Hatfield’s regeneration plans.

“It’s wonderful to see the regeneration of downtown Hatfield continue to grow,” he said.

“The agents have worked so hard to keep a post office in the city center and I am very happy to see that we are able to work with Mr. Badiani to open a permanent post office in 36 Center-ville, including a retail unit is owned by the council.

“I am sure residents will be delighted with the wide range of facilities available at the branch. “

Hatfield Post Office

The post office opened at 36 Town Center last Friday.
– Credit: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

The council hopes the new post office will mitigate the loss of downtown banks, with HSBC, Santander and Barclays having closed branches in Hatfield last year, and Lloyds getting ready to leave next year.

Only Halifax remains, but with rumors circulating around its closure, the post office may be the only place left for in-person banking.

“We are disappointed to hear that Lloyds Bank will close its branch in downtown Hatfield next year,” said a WHBC spokesperson.

“We understand how frustrating any bank branch closure is for our residents, but we hope that the new permanent post office, which has been relocated to one of the council units in the city center and provides personal banking services. , will help mitigate the impact of the bank closures in Hatfield.

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