Nigerian traders complain about several charges imposed by commercial banks

The roof is already rising with the #FirstBankIssaVybe, #DecemberIssaVybe campaigns. With FirstBank, it’s always a total experience to be woven into the fabric of society, from banking at its best, to music, fashion, the arts and sports. Across the spectrum of human activity, FirstBank stands behind its more than 32 million customers and counts.

As FirstBank does a vybe every December every December, he is also passionate about making sure everyone is vibrating with kindness. This is in line with the words of Maurice Elias, professor of psychology, “without kindness, our communities, families, schools and classrooms become places of incivility”. As we get the blast of the season, the 127-year-old strong banking brand as part of its cuteness campaign has created a simple timeline to facilitate your ability to create a SPARK in the lives of people around you.

At FirstBank, SPARK stands for Start Performing Acts of Random Kindness. The SPARK initiative was launched 4 years ago to make a difference in the nation by seeking to inspire and institutionalize benevolence. By fostering kindness, empathy and consideration for others, SPARK places FirstBank at the forefront of the social impact space. The unique way that FirstBank amplifies cuteness is through its various branches and departments. In this way, the Bank reaches more communities, touches more lives and spreads kindness.

FirstBank’s Kindness Campaign is built on three (3) pillars of Compassion, Civility and Charity. Compassion and charity easily come to mind when we think of kindness, and FirstBank is an advocate to promote civility through the SPARK initiative as well. Civility covers those aspects of kindness that don’t cost you anything to use to ignite the world around you. Imagine arriving at the location of FirstBank’s next DecemberIssaVybe trade show and abandoning a parking lot closer to the event hall to the car behind you?

FirstBank’s Global Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Folake Ani-Mumuney, says: “At FirstBank, we spend every moment working to make sense of the lives of our customers and audiences. We inspire kindness because it gives meaning to life and creates a happier society. So, as you live this Christmas, live with kindness. “

Kindness doesn’t have to cost you a kobo, so click here to download and share your kindness calendar for these simple tips to start performing random acts of kindness every day in December.

The need to promote kindness in our homes, schools, places of entertainment and society in general cannot be overemphasized, especially with the increased incidence of bullying prevalent around us. By promoting the need for benevolence in education and ‘cyber benevolence’, FirstBank sponsored two impactful webinars during its Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Week in July 2021. You can click here to access the recordings Zoom webinars.

Kindness should be a way of life, and FirstBank is at the forefront. Join the train of kindness, vibrate with benevolence this Christmas and always!

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