POP Bank selects Crosskey as its main banking system partner

4.1.2022, at 1:00 p.m. EET

BONUM PANK PLC: POP Bank selects Crosskey as main partner of its banking system

POP Bank today signed a cooperation agreement with Crosskey on the renewal of its central banking system. POP Bank plans to introduce the new central banking system in 2025. The cooperation agreement has no immediate effect on the day-to-day banking services offered by the Bank.

POP Bank’s objective for the renewal of its central banking system is to develop the customer experience and the overall competitiveness of the bank.

Crosskey is Finland’s leading provider of IT solutions for the financial sector. Its systems serve more than 3.5 million end customers

“POP Bank Group’s vision is to be a bank that combines personal and digital services, with the highest level of customer satisfaction and a fast decision-making process. The renewal of our central banking system is one of our main strategic projects,” says Jaakko Pulli, Acting CEO of POP Bank Center coop.

“As a market challenger, we need to be able to react proactively to changes in customer behavior. When selecting a system partner, it was important for us to have a common vision of the potential of the sector, a complete offer, a proven track record and a great experience of the integration solutions of our sector. Crosskey are experts in executing Open Banking strategies, their solutions allow us to thrive by following our vision,” continues Pulli.

POP Bank Group is a Finnish financial group that offers retail banking services to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, in addition to providing non-life insurance services to private customers. According to the independent banking industry report EPSI Rating, POP Bank has the most satisfied private and professional customers.

Bonum Bank Plc is the central lending institution for the POP Banks merger. Bonum Bank obtains external financing for the POP Bank group, operates payment transactions and offers unsecured consumer loans and secured loans to retail customers. Bonum Bank Plc also provides centralized services to POP banks.

Additional information:

Jaakko Pulli, Acting CEO, POP Bank Center Coop,
Phone. +358 40 503 5411, [email protected]

Pia Ali-Tolppa, CEO, Bonum Bank Plc,
Phone. +358 50 303 1476, [email protected]


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